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On Food, Wine, Love: Suzanne Goin v. Lachlan Patterson

On February 18, Frasca Food and Wine, will welcome Suzanne Goin, for a one-night guest chef dinner event. Frasca's chef and co-owner Lachlan Patterson will share his kitchen with the Los Angeles chef who owns Lucques and a.o.c. Several seats are still available for the four course dinner that will include a signed copy of Goin's new a.o.c. cookbook.

In a one-of-a-kind he-said-she-said format, Eater asked the two chefs for some thoughts and tips before Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is coming: of all people in the world, who would you like to have cook you and your date dinner?
SG: Alain Ducasse. My husbank David and I had one of our first big meals together at Ducasse in NYC – it was a five hour long very romantic and very delicious lunch. I think it would be fun to relive that.

LP: If Suzanne Goin and Marc Vetri could collaborate on a meal, I would be a happy man. You're not going to find two more soulful chefs that know how to coax simple flavors of the best ingredients.

And who would you like to cook for on Valentine's Day?
SG: No one! How about someone cooks for me?
LP: After 15 years of cooking each and every Valentine's Day, I would like to cook for my family!

What is the best dish to make for yourself if you had to spend the evening alone?
SG: I love to curl up on the couch with a big bowl of bucatini tossed with an ungodly amount of olive oil, garlic, chili, parmesan and spinach and enjoy it with a big crusty piece of grilled toast to sop it all up.
LP: I always make eggs over easy, slowly cooked in olive oil, served over toast with sliced avocado. When I don't have eggs, just avocado and toast with olive oil and sea salt.

Are there ingredients you consider more suited for a romantic night? Why do you think they bring about romance?
SG: I guess caviar/champagne/oysters and all that, but really it's more romantic to cook an intimate dinner keeping in mind the personal taste of the person you are romancing. I think thoughtfulness is very romantic, so if someone has gone out of their way to make something specifically for me because they know me deeply that is more romantic that all the caviar and oysters in the world.
LP: Most people don't spend the effort to find a nice ingredient to build a dinner around. That's the first step and it could be anything. Go the extra mile for that one special item, prepare it simply and it will be the best meal you've had in a while.

What is your favorite dish to pair with wine?
SG: I like to pair all dishes with wine! One of our new dishes since we moved a.o.c. is a suckling pig inspired by my recent trip to Bali. I plate it with coconut rice, lemongrass sambal and a big salad of raw bok choy, fried shallots and peanuts. This goes beautifully with a favorite from Austria, Emmirch Knoll Riesling Smaragd.
LP: I am more of a white wine drinker and I appreciate it all. However, I am always reminded how perfect shellfish is with Malvasia and great Pinot Grigio! However, for those that know me best, a simple roasted chicken with a glass of textural white wine is probably my go to! Paul Pernot or Domaine Roulot come to mind!

Where would you go for your last meal- and why?
SG: Probably Pizzeria Bianco because we got married there and have had many other momentous parties at Chris's place. Plus, he is just such an awesome passionate cook and I love the feeling of being there. Or in reality, maybe I would probably just want to have it at home.
LP: Probably L'ambroise in Paris. I am fan of straightforward cooking and these guys do it better than anyone at the highest level.

What is your favorite cookbook?  
SG: Eric Ripert's Return to Cooking because it's beautiful, personal, passionate and different. It tells a real chef's story and it's a good fantasy read too!
LP: I have a lot of favorites, but recently, in light of Judy Rodgers' passing, I have really dug into the Zuni Cookbook and it's so special. The Plenty cookbook is also one that I come back to often. I don't eat as much meat as I used to, and this book is great for inspiration.

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