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RollinGreens Will Debut A Mobile Juice Cart In April

RollinGreens Mobile Juice Bar
RollinGreens Mobile Juice Bar
Photo: Lindsey Mandel

There was confusion among Facebook friends of the RollinGreens food truck last week when the business announced it was selling its trailer. Later that day the Facebook page explained, "We just want to clarify that RollinGreens is still going strong with our new trucks and kitchen. We are just getting rid of the trailer."

That's not quite all though. In fact, RollinGreens is expanding to add a new mobile juice bar that will open next month.

"We are so excited for our newest expansion plans for RollinGreens," says the truck's co-owner and co-founder Lindsey Mandel. " We converted our electric scooter into a mobile juicery. We plan to sell our drinks at the Boulder Farmers market and events in Boulder. We will be serving 100 percent organic raw juices fresh to order, as well as blended living green drinks."

Prices will range between $7 to $8 per juice, Mandel says. The bar is not complete yet, but the sketch above is a good indicator of what it will look like.

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