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Post Hibernation Report: The Food Trucks Are Out

Photo: Sweet Cow Ice Cream

Denver's mobile eateries are coming out of hibernation and hitting the pavement. Quiero Arepas, and Manna From Heaven have been back in action for a couple months now, while Big Kiwi Eats and Basic Kneads Pizza never closed.

Another food truck that never hibernated was CKrepes. You can always find them at Copper Kettle Brewing on Wednesdays and Saturdays, CAUTION: Brewing West on Thursdays, Infinite Monkey Theorem for First Fridays, and Diebolt Brewing all other Fridays.

Sweet Cow's MooMobile didn't shut down either. A branch of the Boulder and Denver Highlands locations of Sweet Cow Ice Cream, the MooMobile will be at office, community and private events throughout the summer. Details here.

After winter hibernation, The Steuben's Truck will be open again March 29th for its first private event. The Truck is booking up quickly beginning in early April through October. All event inquiries should go to Click here to see the menu.

Newly updated is the Chibby Wibbitz Small Bitez food truck with a fresh paint job for spring. This slider truck is almost up and running for the season. Stay tuned on its Facebook page.

Kassia Koukari who owns Kassia's Pasta Farm says her pasta bike wont be rolling until the temperature hits a steady 50 degrees. "Water boils off vs. actually boiling at about 40 degrees and it's too cold for me to be out!" she says. Until then, she's teaching pasta-making classes around town and selling her pasta at Mondo Market.

After flying south for the spring, Lix Stix artisan ice pops will resume business in May or June. The menu at Lix Stix is ever-changing depending on the menu. Click here to find them.

Got a post-hibernation report to add to the list? Email and we'll add it in.

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