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Scenes: Hot Lunch at Pizzeria Locale Denver

When Lachlan Patterson and Bobby Stuckey opened the Denver outpost of Pizzeria Locale, they changed their approach to service and food. There was no room for a host, an extensive wine list, and table service as guests experienced at the original Locale in Boulder. Instead, Locale Denver became a fast-casual concept, created in partnership with Chipotle, that would deliver the best quality pies made with the best ingredients in the fastest and more economical way.

Almost a year later, Pizzeria Locale Denver is thriving. Patterson and Stuckey, who also own Frasca Food and Wine in Boulder, created a comfortable gathering place where pizza dough is queen and has its own room and where guests rush the space designed by Semple Brown for both lunch and dinner seven days a week.

Since it opened, Pizzeria Locale Denver went through 3,328 lbs of flour (1.15 tons), made 21,800 budini, shaved 208 legs of Prosciutto di Parma, and used 3,992 cans of tomatoes to make its pizza sauce.

Here's what goes on during a weekday lunch at Pizzeria Locale Denver.

A new outpost of the pizzeria will open by the end of the year in Highlands Square in the former Common Grounds space.

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Pizzeria Locale

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Pizzeria Locale

550 Broadway, Denver CO