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38 State Brewing Is Almost Open In Littleton

Colorado, the 38th state in the Union with more than 200 licensed craft breweries, will soon get another beer hub, this one down south in Littleton. 38 State Brewing Company at 8071 S. Broadway is under construction, and aiming for an April opening.

38 State is owned by a homebrewing master gardener and a school teacher, who wanted to make beer at home, but never expected it would be good enough to sell. A garage tasting panel suggested otherwise, and the rest is history.

"38 State has managed to create a stable of hand crafted beers that we think beer drinkers, just like us, will enjoy in our tap room, their garage, or wherever," says the 38 State website. The brewery will roll out some big, complex beers upon opening, like the 11 percent ABV Chocolate Bourbon Stout and the Two Buttes Double IPA. Also on the initial beer list is an amber ale, a Scottish ale, and a lemon honey wheat beer.

"So, with that being said," the message on the website says, "To the entire population of blue collar, white collar, and no collar beer drinkers of the world… Welcome to 38 State!"

38 State Brewing Company [Photos: Facebook]

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