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WINNERS Announced: Eater Exclusive Bruxie Preview

Bruxie Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches, a California-born fast-casual joint will open its first Colorado outpost at 1000 South Colorado Boulevard. Before the store opens to the public, the restaurant invited 15 Eater readers and their date/guest for an exclusive tasting experience. The winners were chosen from among 47 readers who left a comment on the Eater Facebook page.

Those invited to attend the preview are: Jamie Lynn Lee, Elizabeth Fry, Chris Kuhrt, Meghan Bassett, Alex Kady, Lily Sheng, Sarah Gore, Nam Vu, Gwen Phillips, Lynnea Crawford, Melissa Fleischauer, Graham Steinruck, Lina Hyungheui Kim, Sean Lipsey, Aileen Daproza.

Please email for details about the event.

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