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Saturday Nights at Basta Are 1000 Degrees Hot

One of the hottest spots in Boulder is Basta, a wood-fired restaurant that features authentic Neapolitan pizzas and much more. Owned by Kelly Whitaker, this four year old restaurant became a destination for diners seeking creative food cooked outside of the traditional stove top.

Without its patio, Basta can seat up to 50 guests and it serves more than 120 people on a Saturday night. What does the kitchen make for the crowds in its space? About 80 pizzas, 6 whole fish, 14 half chickens 8 short ribs and a variety of small plates. ALL in one wood-fire oven.

There are no stoves or fryers or other ovens at Basta. Think about it this way: there are two fish and three chickens in the oven, there is fish skin puffing, bread toasting, jus reducing, all the other garnish cooking, all in a one temperature, 1000 degree oven. But wait, the pizzas are also in there at the same time for about 45 seconds per pizza.

"I am not sure who else cooks like this in the country which sets our food apart, however, I do not recommend it to anyone," owner Kelly Whitaker shares. Here's how the madness looks on a Saturday night.

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