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The Bark Bar Backlash Neighborhood: "Imagine Living Next To the Pound"

The Bark Bar
The Bark Bar
Photo: Adam Larkey

Two months ago, the Bark Bar, a dog park-beer bar opened its doors (and gates) at 4132 West 38th Avenue in the Highlands. The place has been packed and the excitement around it has been loud. And apparently the other loud thing as been the dogs. "Imagine living next to the pound for 12 hours a day," said an anonymous tipster in an email sent to Eater this weekend. Here's the feedback we received:

Our neighborhood hates the Bark Bar. No parking for the residents, bottles, cans, and dog poop are left all over.
The Highlands doesn't need a place where hipsters can bring their "baby" so they can then ignore it while it barks incessantly and fights with other dogs so they can drink and feel cool about themselves not leaving their dogs at home like they do all day anyway when they go to work, go skiing, go out to dinner, etc...

We HATE it. Imagine living next to the pound for 12 hours a day. EVERYDAY. They can't even go inside.

What do you think? Do you live in the neighborhood? Have you been to the Bark Bar? Would you welcome a similar bar in your backyard?

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The Bark Bar

4132 West 38th Avenue, Denver CO