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Glaze Will Return As a Sushi and Dessert Bar in Partnership With Sushi Sasa

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For lovers of baum cakes and great sushi, there are good news and good news. Which one do you want to hear first? Glaze Baum Cake Shoppe, has partnered with Sushi Sasa and will reopen as a sushi and dessert bar. The Japanese-inspired bakery owned by Heather Alcott closed on Saturday after one year in Congress Park. The doors will reopen early April with a new look and a menu that combines its strengths with those of the popular LoHi sushi restaurant owned by Wayne Conwell.

"We both do something that has not originated but has been perfected in Japan," Conwell says. "This collaboration is an evolution of our businesses that brings different components together and gives a better experience to our guests," he adds.

Conwell is not only talking about the transformation of the Congress Park space that Glaze calls home, but also about the dessert menu takeover happening at Sushi Sasa. "You can't have a full package without a strong dessert program. If you look at a restaurant and bring all the pieces together - the food, the wine, the cocktails, the service- dessert is one of the elements that guests have come to expect to be great," Conwell explains. With preparations under way as we speak, Sushi Sasa will begin serving desserts from Glaze in just days. In addition to bringing new items to the menu, Glaze will also redefine staple desserts like the wasabi tiramisu chocolate mousse cake. This was the second part of the good news, but back to the first one.

In a reconfigured space, the new sushi and dessert bar located at 1160 Madison Street will feature a menu that will include about 80% of Sasa's sushi menu. There will be fresh sashimi and sushi and rolls, but also salads, plated desserts, and original pastry creations, among others. "We want to make this work great for the neighborhood," Heather Alcott says. "We want our community to think of us as an every day place and not just a special occasion bakery. Our new concept is simple and approachable, family and neighborhood-friendly," she adds.

Lunch and dinner will be served seven days a week with brunch on the weekends. "The dining level will be high and the price will remain moderate," Conwell, who grew up in Congress Park, explains. "You can come here for a cup of tea, a dessert, or a multi-course meal," he adds. What about the macarons and the matcha baum cakes? Make no mistake, they will still be available to enjoy in the store as well as to go, Alcott assured us.

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