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Protein Bar Will Open Tomorrow in Boulder

Protein Bar [Photo: Jason Lutz]

Protein Bar is set to open on April 2 at 11 a.m. at Boulder's 29th Street Mall. Started in Chicago in 2009 by Founder/CEO Matt Matros, this is Boulder's first Protein Bar location. The concept is quick and casual, offering healthy options like salads, quinoa bowls, and "Bar-ritos" of fresh and organic ingredients wrapped in whole-grain tortillas. You can also expect to find breakfast on the menu that includes the likes of Greek yogurt bowls and steel-cut oatmeal topped with fruit, raw juices and smoothies.

Matros opened Protein Bar at age 29 when he struggled to find places that were healthy and supporting his lifestyle on the go.

His "dream place to eat" opened across from the Sears Tower in downtown Chicago and since then it has grown to 11 locations in Chicago and five in Washington D.C. After the Boulder location opens, they plan to open a second Colorado location in the Union Station project in April and a third location on Colorado Boulevard in June.

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1855 29th Street, Boulder, CO