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Five Denver Restaurant & Bar Missed Connections

Although the dining rooms of the city are filled with many happy couples, they are also inhabited by lovesick diners looking to catch the eye of that special someone. Sometimes, these people take to Craigslist to try and find that guy or girl who they saw from across the dining room, but weren't able to muster the courage to say something to. Here now are a few restaurant missed connections — perhaps love will also be on the menu for these romantic Denverites sometime soon.

pbrman.pngWITTY PBR MAN
Beerfest Connection - w4m (Gov's Park) "Cute guy working the Pbr booth. We had fun talking about beer and you made the day one to remember. I know it's a long shot, but I have to try. Maybe someone who reads this can help out. Tall, dark and handsome with some wit."

hippiechick.jpgSEXY HIPPIE CHICK
Armory 4/19 - m4w (Denver): "You were there with your BF and our mutual friend. You are a sexy hippie chick, me... Well you know, a mystery."

redhead in pizza line at the 420 rally - m4w (capitol hill): "You were behind me in line. We spoke briefly when I gave you a free raffle ticket I had just been given that I had no use for. My friend and i had mistakenly been given 4x as many food tickets as I had bought so i paid for your pizza. We shortly then said good bye, and you gently rubbed my back. I realized my mistake moments later, you had already gone back into the crowd. It has been bothering me all afternoon that I let you slip away."

You and your friend at Bakers DTC - m4w - 49 (DTC): "Hi,
Fri night we were chatting and dancing at DTC Baker Street and turned to get beer. You said "stick around" and when I came back you both acted like I was invisible ( or worse). If someone said something or I did something I sure would like to know... it was just weird."

Gennaro's Cafe Waitress (bartender) - m4w - 30 (2598 S Broadway, Denver): "I'm a delivery driver that delivers there almost every Friday. Every time we talk to each other it feels like we both want to jump each other's bones. Would like to know if you would like a fwb?
This Friday I told you I need you! You said ok that's fine a can do that.
Tell me who I work for."

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