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Rio Grande Launches Craft Beer Collaboration Project

Craft beer is not just for the beer geeks congregating in funky craft beer bars or brewery tap rooms. The Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, a 27 year old institution with six Front Range locations, rolled out a new collaborative partnership with local breweries. Famed for strong Margaritas, the restaurants are now offering craft beers made by purveyors that operate in each of Rio's local markets.

The Fort Collins Rio has officially launched the program and features a Coopersmith's brew: a blood orange wheat called Rio Trigo that was tapped on April 21. Both establishments are iconic Old Town Fort Collins institutions with decades of history—the Rio Fort Collins opened in 1986, and Coopersmith's followed soon after in 1989. The Fort Collins Rio also will be serving two acclaimed Odell's taps including.

The other four other Rio markets — Greeley, Denver, Boulder and Lone Tree– will begin rolling out their collaborations over the next month and include partnerships with Wiley Roots, Renegade, Grimm Brothers, Sanitas Brewing, Fate Brewing Co. and Lone Tree Brewing Company.

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