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Two Restaurants To Open in Sunnyside's Cobbler's Corner

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Will Sunnyside be the new LoHi? Bordering the hotspot and restaurant hub to the North, Sunnyside has the potential to become the new destination for eateries, bars, and more. Cobbler's Corner could be a big step in that direction.

The new commercial complex, located at 44th and Alcott, will include two restaurants, among other things. The force behind the development is Paul Tamburello, owner and lead scooper at Little Man Ice Cream and developer/landowner of several site, that of Linger restaurant included.

Tamburello owns this Sunnyside property in partnership with Jack Pottle, an investor whose grandparents lived in the existing building. The story behind the couple is the reason why the project is named Cobbler's Corner.


During the great depression, the two, Catherine and Thomas Pottle, were cobblers. For nearly four decades, they lived and worked in a 14 foot wide shotgun space inside the building. The rest of the complex included a creamery, a bakery, and other small business.

Tamburello hopes to find a new generation cobbler or boot maker to take over one of the space. He is also creating space for two restaurants: one in the existing building and one in a new building that will extend the existing structure back further. One of the two spaces is already taken and will become- if plans remain the same- a breakfast-centric eatery. The other one is up for grabs. Five retail spaces will also become available, along with two live-work spaces.

Core and shell completion for Cobbler's Corner is slated for October. It could be as little as a couple of months after that for the opening of the new restaurants.

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