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Mayor Hancock On Dining And Cooking in Denver

Welcome to Open Wide, a new Eater Denver feature that explores the eating habits of Denver's notables.

hancockpiece.jpg Mayor Hancock kicking off Restaurant Week [Photo: Facebook]

Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock first met his wife of 20 years, Mary Louise Lee, at Cole Middle School in Denver. She, a born-singer and performer, he, a committed public servant. Together, they raised three children, Alayna, Jordan and Janae. The Mayor cooks family dinner on Sunday nights, takes them all to TGI Fridays on occasion, and guards the recipe for his specialty dish, the Hancock Five Cheese Mac N' Cheese, with his life. We asked the Mayor to share a few things about dining out in Denver and cooking in his home.

You have lived in Denver for a long time, is there a restaurant you couldn't imagine living without? There are definitely a couple of places and dishes that I would miss. Let's start with breakfast. I dream about pineapple upside down pancakes from Snooze. Lunch? I would eat more Tom's Home Cooking or Famous Dave's for lunch if my staff would allow me to nap after. Instead, I am a frequenter of the salmon salad at Ocean Prime. And for dinner, nothing wraps a hard day's work in Denver like a good steak from Elway's.

When you have the time, where do you take your kids out for a meal? Family night out?! We go with TGIFridays.

What was the best meal you've had out in the last few months? MY Thanksgiving dinner. I take great pride in the fried turkey that I have been perfecting for more than a decade. My famous mac n' cheese and the Hancock specialty stuffing are also a real hit for the dozens of our brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews and other family who join us for the holiday. Can't beat it!

Do you have a specialty in the kitchen, something you like to make for the family? The Hancock Five Cheese Mac N' Cheese. The recipe is a secret. Just ask my wife and kids who are still trying to figure it out. Ha!

Is there a restaurant you are dying to try in Denver? Wow. Seems like we have new restaurants opening every other day. Well, I've heard Old Major in Highland cures their own meat in house. That is definitely something I am going to have to check out.

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Tom's Home Cookin'

800 E. 26th Avenue, Denver, CO 80205 303 388 8035


1881 Curtis Street, , CO 80202 (303) 312-3107 Visit Website

Old Major

3316 Tejon Street, , CO 80211 (720) 420-0622 Visit Website