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Latke Love Will Close in Park Hill on May 31

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"I am sorry to let everyone know that it is worse than expected. We will close our doors on May 31st. Too sad to say anymore." This is the message that was posted on the Latke Love Facebook page on Saturday. The message came a day after the modern deli focused on interpretations of the traditional potato cake told Facebook fans that it will stay open until July 27 at the latest.

The food truck turned brick and mortar located at 28th Avenue and Fairfax Street, is family-owned by Tina, Dina, and Steve Shander. The trio opened in the Park Hill neighborhood less than a year ago and served latke with unusual toppings like spicy pork green chile, braised brisket, and corn beef hash and a fried egg. Latke Love is searching for a new location.

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· Go Now: Latke Love [5280]