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Adagio Bakery Is Now Open in Hilltop

Adagio Bakery & Cafe opened a second location on Saturday in Hilltop. The bakery, which has a first outpost in Park Hill, is owned by Mike Meirowsky. With able help from chef Corey Navin, affectionately nicknamed "Fuzzy," Adagio will serve breakfast and lunch Tuesday through Saturday and will diversify its offerings from what guests have been accustomed to before.

There will be scones and muffins and coffee cakes from breakfast, but also yogurt parfaits and breakfast sandwiches. To make its coffee, Adagio gets beans from Dazbog Coffee Company.

At lunch, sandwiches and paninis are the main attraction. All sandwiches are made on challah rolls and can be ordered with an egg. Paninis are served on focaccia and come with a house-baked cookie. A kid's option is offered on sandwiches.

Mike Meirowsky sees his concept expanding and opening more locations in the near future. "It just needs to be the right spot for us and we'll do it," he said. "This one was a long time in the making, but we are very happy to be where we are," he added.

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Adagio Bakery & Cafe

211 South Holly Street, Denver, CO