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Rolling Reefer: Denver's First Marijuana Food Truck


Behold: Denver has its first marijuana food truck. Magical Butter's SAMICH truck (Savory Accessible Marijuana Infused Culinary Happiness) debuted at Denver's Cannabis Cup in April. The truck, a former 40-foot Freightliner C2 school bus, is serving up sandwiches and other dishes infused with THC-heavy butter made by Magical Butter's botanical extractor.

Magical Butter is a Seattle-based company that manufactures the extractor, which transforms raw cannabis into a substance that can then be added to food or beverages. The truck serves a number of dishes, including a pulled pork sandwich, sunbutter-and-jelly sandwich, and 'not-just-tomato soup.' The food available from the truck ranges in potency from 30-100 mg of THC.

The truck's launch poses an interesting licensing question: is it easier to have a mobile business that sells marijuana-infused food than one selling straight-up booze? While state laws prevent transporting opened liquor in traveling bars like this one from Ace, no such restriction exists for marijuana. Another booze buzz kill: an event liquor license is required wherever a mobile business sells alcohol, effectively prohibiting mobile bars from setting up anywhere without significant advance work for each and every stop.

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