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Rio Grande's Black Crow Food Trailer Changes to 'Urban Campground' Concept

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Black Crow, the Rio Grande's on-site food trailer, has revamped its concept and is now reimagined as an urban campground. Located adjacent to the LoDo Mexican restaurant, Black Crow's outdoor dining experience—which previously showcased street food—has taken on a new menu, chef and overall look.

Chef Matt Drije is now in charge, who spent time as chef for Google's Mountain View, California campus, and has also worked at Opus & Aria and Tamayo here in town. The new menu reflects an outdoorsy spirit, and is split among small and large plates, and sweets—featuring, of course, s'mores. Savory options include dishes like a smoked trout corn dog and venison T-bone. The drink program boasts specialty cocktails as well as beer and wine.

The overall setting now plays up the campfire theme, complete with gas-powered fire pits, vintage camp chairs and wood log seats. Diners can also settle in with a choice of games, including Cards Against Humanity, giant Jenga and corn hole.

Photos courtesy of Black Crow

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