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Chefs Reveal Favorite Meals to Cook For Their Kids

Basta chef Kelly Whitaker and his daughter
Basta chef Kelly Whitaker and his daughter
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In honor of the upcoming Father's Day—for the rest of this week—we raise a glass to Denver's chefs who are dads. From Jeff Osaka of Twelve to Fuel Cafe's Bob Blair, many of Denver's chefs are proud papas who balance kitchen responsibilities with the duties of fatherhood. We asked local chefs to share their favorite meals to cook for—and sometimes with—their children. Here's a roundup of their responses.

Kelly Whitaker, Basta: Honestly, I love when Somi, my daughter, comes into Basta to make dough and bake with me. She is the only 5 and a half year old who knows all of our secrets and knows what a biga is.

Theo Adley, The Squeaky Bean: I practice my egg cookery on Althea almost every morning. Breakfast is generally the only meal I'm available for so I try to make the best of it and serve her as perfect an omelette as I am capable. It's good for both of us in that sense. She really enjoys English peas cooked in some butter and garlic with mint and pecorino. When I do cook dinner it's usually roasted chicken. She is amazing when she eats drumsticks, like a little dinosaur.

Tyler Wiard, Elway's: My favorite meal to serve my daughter Lilliana, who is three years old, is grilled Skuna Bay salmon and guacamole tacos with buttered rice on the side. Lilliana has always absolutely loved salmon, guacamole and rice. My other daughter Ella, eleven months old, also loves guacamole.

Amos Watts, Acorn: My 11-year-old son Loren will eat anything but my four and a half-year-old daughter Sloane is very picky. My son and I will make pizzas (pepperoni only for Sloane) with a sourdough starter I started eight years ago in California. It is one meal my kids can help with.

Troy Guard, TAG: I like to cook pasta with Grace - we throw pasta on the wall to see if it sticks!- and we also like grilling veggies together.

Jeff Osaka, Twelve: Since I work in the evenings, usually most of my time with my daughter, Alex, is spent in the mornings. Sometimes it's as simple as a bowl of cereal—we usually have at least eight or 10 kinds at home—but I tend to go for a traditional breakfast that may include some, or all of the following [I'm fat!] : eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, seasonal fresh fruit, etc.

Scott Parker, Session Kitchen: My kids are picky, so anything they'll eat is what I love cooking for them. If it involves vegetables, I'm thrilled. Charlie has been into roasted chicken lately, and Olivia loves pierogies. She'll even eat asparagus from time to time, which makes me really happy.

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