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Denver Chefs Share Father's Day Plans

Chef Bob Blair with daughter Celie
Chef Bob Blair with daughter Celie
Photo: Courtesy of Fuel Cafe

In honor of the upcoming Father's Day, we raise a glass to Denver's chefs who are dads. From Olav Peterson of Bittersweet to the Squeaky Bean's Theo Adley, many of Denver's chefs are proud papas who balance kitchen responsibilities with the duties of fatherhood. Father's Day on Sunday offers these dads who work long hours a chance to savor time with their children. We asked them to share how they plan or would like to spend the upcoming holiday. Here's a roundup of their responses.

Bob Blair, Fuel Cafe: This year for Father's Day, I get to work the brunch shift. Just have to do what needs to be done when you have two cooks on vacation one week after another. When I get home that late afternoon, I want a nap. When I wake up, I want a glass of whatever rosé is in the fridge. Fire up the grill with some hardwood, then a simple steak with romesco sauce, salad and a glass (or two) of Spanish wine. Celie and I will then sit out on a lounge chair and count the bats that fly overhead as the sun goes down. Last week we stayed on the chair for half an hour and counted 49 bats. After all, it's the little things that make us happy with our kids.

Olav Peterson, Bittersweet: I would like to play golf, maybe followed by a family barbecue. We haven't started any traditions yet with our 3-year-old, but my wife and I are a golfing family. We've talked about taking Brody out on the golf course—he's 3 and he has his own clubs; he can even hit the ball.

Christopher Cina, Breckenridge-Wynkoop: Since this is a World Cup year, the plan is to watch all the Sunday games, three I think. The girls will make hoagies hopefully and then we'll all take a nap on the couch together between games 2 and 3.

Dave Query, Big Red F Restaurant Group: Every year for as long as I can remember, we go up to this little lake in west Boulder County and catch monster rainbow and brown trout and the biggest brookies that swim in Colorado. I fish that lake a lot during the year, but it's never as much fun as it is when all of us are up there on Father's Day.

Brandon Biederman, Steuben's: We are going to a car show in the morning and maybe a hike and to Post Brewing—good bird for dinner!

Dakota Soifer, Cafe Aion: Zaya, my daughter, has already informed me that she will be making me her famous waffles and serving them to me in bed. Get a little work done on the tree house (a project for which my excitement is at least as high as my daughter's!). Then, we'll pack a picnic (roast chicken, mustard, pita, watermelon, barbecue chips, sparkling lemonade and beer) and head to the Eldorado Springs pool for the day. Dinner we'll just hang out and do some simple grilling at the house, maybe ice cream and mini-golf for dessert.

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