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Bryan Dayton of Acorn at Aspen FOOD & WINE

Bryan Dayton and chef Hugh Acheson
Bryan Dayton and chef Hugh Acheson

As part of the FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen, we're coming at you live from the Eater Lounge at the Limelight Hotel. This year we're by the pool; if you're in the neighborhood, do come say hello. If you're not, watch for Q&As and more throughout the day.

Bryan Dayton of Oak at Fourteenth and Acorn stopped by this morning and shared his plans at the Aspen FOOD & WINE.

Well, today is my birthday. Turning 29. So I am taking it easy. We are going to Matsuhisa for a late lunch- early dinner. That is all I care about for today. We'll go to the Don Julio party and who knows what else. What's exciting here is to catch up with people.

Tomorrow I am working - the wine at the mine party with Infinite Monkey. There is lots of prep to do for that so we'll start early and end late. On Sunday, I am working - making daiquiris at Justice Snow's.

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