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Five Missed Connections at Denver Dining Establishments

Although the dining rooms of the city are filled with many happy couples, they are also inhabited by lovesick diners looking to catch the eye of that special someone. Sometimes, these people take to Craigslist to try and find that guy or girl who they saw from across the dining room, but weren't able to muster the courage to say something to. Here now are a few restaurant missed connections — perhaps love will also be on the menu for these romantic Denverites sometime soon.

steubensb.jpgYOU ARE VERY CUTE
Steuben's Restaurant - m4m (denver): "I saw you and walked by your table a couple times. The first time I stopped by and talked to you for a minute. You are very cute and were wearing a backwards blue baseball cap. Tell me what I said so I know you are the right one."

starbucksc.jpgI DIDN'T WANT TO BE A CREEP
Cute girly at Starbucks - m4w - 27 (Centennial ): "You stood behind me in line at Starbucks on Lincoln. You were really pretty and I wanted to tell you that your outfit was super cute but I chickened out. It was early and I didn't want to be a creep. We did make eye contact before I left but it could've just been you catching me checking you out. I hope I see you there again."

Seeking Gorgeous Black Man from Sushi Katsu 6/16/14 - w4m (sushi katsu): "Me: Caucasian, Green dress, short hair, tattoos. You: beautiful smile, tattoos, wearing shorts, t-shirt and sandals. There with 4 other people with you. You know who you are. :) We were sitting behind the sushi bar. We caught each others eye and I saw what you did when I was leaving.. I wanted to try to catch you, but between your people and mine, we couldn't really talk.. I want to see you again, more than across tables. If I get a response to this, I want a photo with it to be sure you're the right person.. and tell me what happened when I was leaving. :)"

We were standing next to each other at the Punch Bowl last night - m4w - 26 (Punch Bowl Social): "We were standing next to each other upstairs at the Punch Bowl last night. You're tall, brunette, beautiful eyes. I was with two friends (one female, one male) and had on a black and white checkered dress shirt and jeans. I was about to open up a conversation when my two friends decided to head downstairs. Anyway, if this was you I'd love to chat sometime."

highlandcorkcoffee.jpgBLIND DATE WASN'T GOING WELL
Cork & Coffee - Handsome man with a ponytail - w4m (Highlands Denver): "I saw you in the cork & coffee this afternoon. I couldn't tell if you were with someone or not. We made eye contact several times and I was trying to find a way to give you my number. You were wearing your hair in a ponytail and were with a group of 5 other people. I was with an older man on a blind date...which you may have been able to tell wasn't going well. Reply back if you're interested. I'm not going to tell you what I was wearing or more details about me cause if this is'll know. I've never posted anything here before but thought I'd give it a shot."

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