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Sneak Peek: Glazed & Confuzed Will Open on Friday

The wait for the new location of Glazed & Confuzed is almost over. On Friday, June 13, doughnut magician Josh Schwab will unlock the doors to the 2600 square foot doughnut emporium located at 5301 Leetsdale Drive.

The contemporary space was designed by LivStudio, a local design firm, that created a signature ceiling resembling the magnified interior of a doughnut, dripping dough and frosting included.

When it opens, Glazed & Confuzed will offer ten different doughnuts every couple of weeks and will always keep five signature flavors on the menu. Among those signature flavors is the Breakfast of Champs, a maple doughnut topped with bacon, and the Root Beer Float, glazed with freshly-brewed root beer and filled with a vanilla custard.

Look of the Puffy Nut, the shop's variation on the Cronut, a doughnut and croissant hybrid and don't miss the new doughnut soufflé, an original creation that nestles a soufflé inside the fried treat.

The doughnut store will be open 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily except for Wednesday. For more information and updates, look up the shop's Facebook page.

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