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Wrapping Up The Five Days of Meat: Highlights

Meat at Viande
Meat at Viande
Photo: Adam Larkey

You may have noticed a lot of meat-centric coverage last week. The Five Days of Meat brought nose to tail coverage of everything meat in Denver. We talked to chefs and professionals in the meat industry, looked at some iconic meat dishes (and some weird ones), went behind the scenes at Viande Colorado Charcuterie, and even tallied up your votes to find the best Mile High steakhouse.

Here are some of the greatest hits from last week's meat extravaganza.

· Denver's Nine Iconic Meat Dishes [EDen]
· 11 (Mostly) Raw Meat Dishes to Try Now [EDen]
· Mark DeNittis May Bring Il Mondo Vecchio Back [EDen]
· 12 Burgers You Should Try Now [EDen]
· Whole Animal Breakdown at Viande [EDen]
· Vote for Denver's Best Steakhouse [EDen]
· Q&A with Certified Barbecue Judge Adrian Miller [EDen]
· 11 Extreme Meat Dishes [EDen]
· Straight from the (Pork) Heart with Frank Bonanno [EDen]
· All Five Days of Meat Coverage [EDen]

— By Robert Stein