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Row 14 Draws the Curtain; The Space Is Up For Grabs

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Row 14
Row 14
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Row 14, located on 14th Street in the Spire building, shuttered permanently. The restaurant, although busy during the convention season and a few shows at the theatre, has been struggling for a while. "I have been fighting it since day one," says owner David Schneider. "When I first opened, we had to battle construction on 14th and had a variety of problems with the opening chef. The restaurant just got off to such a slow start that I have never been able to recover financially," he adds.

The restaurant received a good amount of buzz and attention early on. Westword praised its burger and hip modern decor, the Denver Post spoke highly of its wallet-friendly wine cellar, and 5280 Magazine recognized the potential for a sublime experience.

But in the end, the ups and downs of the theater district and frequent changes in staff, led Schneider to the decision to move on. "I did all I could for almost three and a half years to get myself in a better situation. But it had gotten to just be exhausting. I was getting to a point where I was trying to pay everyone else and not paying myself. It was only so much more money I could put into it," he explains.

The 3,400 square foot space, fully equipped, with a liquor license in place and a nice patio, is available for a new owner and operator. "Our lease is solid and the rate we have is at or below market value. The restaurant is only three years old and I am sure that for the right person — whether it is more of a concept or just the right chef — this is a great opportunity. All someone needs to do is give it a good facelift and they are good to go," the owner stresses.

— by Katy Hume

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Row 14 Bistro & Wine Bar

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