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Ignite Switches to Burger Lounge Concept

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Ignite Burger Lounge
Ignite Burger Lounge
Photo: Ashley Hughes

Ballpark restaurant Ignite has undergone a concept change and is now Ignite Burger Lounge. The eatery previously focused on wood-fired dishes—particularly pizza—and the change came about as the result of six or so months of menu evaluation, according to assistant general manager Bryce Mack. He and general manager Jake Kesler decided to carve out a neighborhood niche and focus on a staple item, which ended up being burgers. Following the name and menu swap about a month ago, the lineup now boasts more than 10 burger options, and the entrees and salads have been scaled back. A renewed focus on bourbon and beer rounds out the concept, and the popular "man candy" sweet and spicy bacon still remains.

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Ignite Burger Lounge

2124 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205