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The Cooper Lounge Now Pouring At Union Station

Sleek and comfortable, the Cooper Lounge is hidden away from sight atop the Terminal Bar at Union Station. Part lounge for the swanky Crawford Hotel, part refuge for passers-by in need of a quiet adult beverage, this newly opened bar will surely draw couples on a date, power brokers plotting deals over shrimp cocktail, and restaurant-goers unwinding from dinner at Stoic & Genuine.

The views at the Cooper Lounge are spectacular. Huge arched windows provide beautiful views down 17th Street on one side and a voyeuristic balcony allows guests to watch the crowds in the Great Hall, a mixture of travelers and visitors of the other attractions at Union Station.

The spot is sophisticated yet cozy. The soft furniture invites the leisurely consumption of high-end cocktails; the seafood cart demands the ordering of fancy oysters; and the extensive wine list, in high-tech iPad-only presentation, tempts guests to more than one glass.

The Lounge is open daily starting at 11 a.m.. Reservations are accepted Sunday through Wednesday and can be made by calling 720.460.3738.

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