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Should the Rockbar Be Brought Back to Life?

Photo: Denver CBS Local

East Colfax hipster hangout Rockbar shuttered its doors nearly two years ago after losing the battle with the city on its liquor renewal, but there may be a chance it returns. A survey surfaced on Rockbar's Facebook page asking the public the question: Should the bar and dance club be resurrected? While the survey is currently closed, the 127 shares and many comments indicate some support for the idea.

Here's what the Facebook message said:


Since Rockbar's closure in October of 2012, we have been approached time and time again about reopening the business, primarily by people who live near the Rockbar or traveled to come to it, and by the owners of nearby businesses. All of these individuals and businesses have told us that they would like very much to see Rockbar "resurrected". As a result of this we are considering a reopening, and possibly a relocation, and would value your input.

Thank you for participating, and please share this on your own page, email it to friends, family, or whoever...

Everyone's feedback is important to us -- let's see if we can get this thing open again (or if we even should).

ewal citing serious concerns for the health, safety and welfare of the neighborhood.

Jesse Morreale, Rockbar's original owner, had a fair share of other troubles with the city that eventually led to the closure of his South Broadway joints El Diablo and Sketch. Morreale did not immediately return a message regarding the resurrection of Rockbar.

What do you think? Should it be brought back? If so, where?

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