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10 Yelp Graphs Visualizing Dining Trends in Denver

In July, review site Yelp launched a new feature called Yelp Trends, a data tool that charts the popularity of trends over time. Utilizing data since Yelp started in 2004, it searches through reviews for the keywords or trends you choose to plot. You can choose a single search term, or compare topics and cities. Shining a light on Denver, here are 10 graphs that provide some insight into food and dining trends locally.


A matchup between ubiquitous Brussels sprouts and rising star kale proves the sprouts more dominate overall, but kale has hit its peak this year.


When it comes to trends in diets or dietary restrictions, paleo barely makes the chart, while vegetarian remains strong, and gluten free has been gaining steam.


It's odd that juice spiked back in 2006, with places like the Juicing Tree, ACE Juice Bar, and RollinGreens making a splash recently.


Charcuterie and offal go head to head, with charcuterie weighing heavier on the minds of Denver Yelpers.


Pork belly has been the fancier cousin to bacon parading across the city's menus in the last few years, but the tried-and-true classic stays on top.


This graph seems to accurately reflect the crossover between the cupcake craze and the reign of doughnuts, with Voodoo Doughnut and Glazed & Confused setting up shop this year.


Surprisingly, craft beer has hardly been charted compared to wine, despite the plethora of breweries opening in the last couple years.


A restaurant description that seems to pop up everywhere, farm to table looks to be on its way out in the eyes of Yelpers.


Brunch and happy hour are both beloved in Denver, and while happy hour has more mentions, the charts are similar.


The peak of the food truck trend hit in mid-2012, but it's still covering ground on Yelp.

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