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Goosetown Tavern Now Owned By Mezcal's Chris Swank

Goosetown Tavern
Goosetown Tavern
Photo: Mile High Happy Hour

The Goosetown Tavern, an East Colfax institution, was recently sold by the Breckenridge-Wynkoop Group to Chris Swank, the owner of the neighbor bar Mezcal. Swank owns the building in which the Tavern is housed as well as several other properties in the area. Should you expect changes? None that are revolutionary. He plans to keep the heart of the watering hole but wants to update the menu and

Governor John Hickenlooper originally opened the bar and concert-goers quickly got used to having a drink there before shows at the Bluebird Theater. The Breckenridge-Wynkoop Group inherited it when the geologist-turned-bar owner decided to focus solely on politics.

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