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Chefs Collaborative Names Coloradoan As Its New Exec

Sara Brito
Sara Brito
Photo: Facebook

Boulder resident and experienced branding specialist Sara Brito was named as the new Executive Director of Chefs Collaborative. The rapidly growing national organization works to fix the broken food system in the U.S. by involving a network of chefs. Several local chefs, including Kelly Whitaker of Basta and Cart Driver, have been active in the group. Last month, the Trash Fish dinner at the Squeaky Bean gave diners a peek into the mission of the Chefs Collaborative. In September, the organization will bring to Boulder hundreds of chefs and food professionals together from across the country to share ideas in the 6th Annual Sustainable Food Summit.

Sara Brito joined the staff of Chefs Collaborative after serving the organization for two years as a strategic partnerships and development consultant. Her past work experience includes serving as chief branding officer and director of community for The Kitchen family.

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