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Where Should Chef Jeff Osaka Reopen Twelve Restaurant?

On August 23, chef Jeff Osaka closed the doors to Twelve Restaurant in the Ballpark neighborhood. The chef is now concentrating on the opening — and possible expansion — of his new restaurant, Osaka Ramen. A more casual concept, this highly anticipated ramen shop will open its doors at the end of the year in the RiNo neighborhood at 2611 Walnut Street.

But Osaka has not given up on Twelve. When he asked his Facebook friends where the next Twelve should be, 140 comments popped on the post suggesting a variety of cities and neighborhoods from Boulder to Aspen and Platt Park to Federal Boulevard. Now it's your turn. What neighborhood do you think should be home to the new Twelve?

Poll results

The options here were those most popular when chef Osaka posed to the question to his Facebook network. If your preferred neighborhood is not one of the options, leave it in the comments below.

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