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A Rocking Block Party Will Unleash For 5280 Dines

7th & Grand, the Bonanno restaurant block
7th & Grand, the Bonanno restaurant block
Photo: Rachel Nobrega

On Sunday, September 28, chef and restaurateur Frank Bonanno will close his four restaurants located at the corner of 7th & Grant to host 5280 Dines, a block party celebrating the 25 Best Restaurants issue of 5280 Magazine. Unlike in prior years, this event will be open to the public, it will feature chefs beyond those listed in the October issue of the magazine.

The evening will feature a strolling dinner, cocktails and wine, music from the Colorado Symphony and the company of Denver's best chefs. Guests will be able to enjoy their beverages at all venues as they dine around the block and sample bites from the four kitchens, each focused on a large format protein.

"In the past, 5280 has made such a wonderful, personal event but now we have the opportunity not just to thank the chefs who make Denver such a great place to dine, but to thank the community that supports our restaurant scene," says Frank Bonanno of the event he is hosting. "We've worked with 5280 to create an event that utilizes four different restaurant spaces, and stacked each restaurant with a team of very talented chefs and restaurateurs," he adds.

Those talented chefs he mentions will be cooking in teams of three and four, creating dishes that feature duck, pig, tuna, and lamb. The teams will include

Stephen McCary (Mizuna), Matt Selby (Central Bistro & Bar), Daniel Asher (Linger/Root Down), and Rob Lawler (Truffle Table) at Mizuna.
Eric Cimino (Luca), Paul Reilly (Beast + Bottle), Steve Redzikowski (Acorn/Oak at Fourteenth) and Brandon Biederman (Ace/Steuben's) at Luca d'Italia.
Frank Bonanno (Bonanno Concepts), Johnny DePierro (Bones), and Toshi Kizaki, (Sushi Den/Izakaya Den) at Bones.
Chris Hoffman (Vesper Lounge), Jim Pittenger (Biker Jim's), and Kevin Morrison (Pinche Tacos) at Vesper Lounge.

Admission to the event costs $125.00 + $7.24 per person and tickets can be purchased online. 5280 Dines benefits the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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