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Sunnyside Burger Bar Starts Serving Today

Sunnyside Burger Bar
Sunnyside Burger Bar
Photo: Adam Larkey

The newest addition to Denver's thriving burger scene is Sunnyside Burger Bar, which opens today. Located at 3759 Lipan Street in the former Longo's Subway Tavern, the spot will thread the line between quick-casual and full service. The hybrid concept allows diners to get their hands on a drink as soon as possible then receive full service throughout the meal.

"We want our guests to have the best of both worlds," says Joe Vostrejs of Larimer Associates. "They get a drink quickly at the bar, they order their food, then they sit and their order is brought to their table," he adds.

Here's what happens: you walk in and you are quickly greeted by the custom beer tap system at the bar. Lower than a regular tap display, this custom-made contraption allows guests eye-contact with a bartender who will happily sample one of the 20 local beers offered. Not in the mood for those? Check the other 20 available in cans or bottles or go for one of the custom cocktails.

Drink in hand, now you order your burger — or salad — or other snacks — and get assigned a number for your table. Sit and sip at one of the booths, tables, or on the intimate patio while your order is brought over to the table.

The 3,000 square foot space was transformed into a bright, airy, modern eatery dotted with orange and green accents and equipped with comfortable seats and wooden tables. There are TVs around the bar and subtle details like the penny walls in the bathrooms rounding out the experience.

That experience centered around a menu created by chef and partner Troy Guard. With TAG Burger Bar under his belt, Guard concocted a brand new menu for this Sunnyside restaurant. A sure winner among the inventive builds is the Hippy Dippy, a burger that comes with roasted beet root, basil aioli, arugula and goat cheese. Another highlight, the boozy milkshakes on the Sunnyside Burger Bar menu including the Devil Inside which combines Cake Vodka, vanilla soft serve ice cream, a slice of devils food cake and sprinkles.

Sunnyside Burger Bar is open daily from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. on weekdays and 11 p.m. on weekends.

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Sunnyside Burger Bar

3759 Lipan Street, Denver CO