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Wurstküche Gears Up For Opening in Ballpark

This is the third location of the LA-based sausage house.

The writing is on the wall at the new Wurstkuche location: the opening of the new sausage kitchen is near. The space, located at 2036 Broadway in the Ballpark neighborhood, has been under construction for months. Last week, a sign appeared above the door that was most recently home to  the Rockaway Tavern.

Wurstkuche, an LA-based concept with two locations in California, will offer guests a wide selection of beer along with a variety of sausages and sausage sandwiches, from classics like bratwurst and bockwurst to more exotic ones like duck and bacon with jalapenos, rattlesnake, and rabbit.

When it opens, the new eatery will also bring a separate bar that will be accessed through an entrance in the alleyway. This smaller venue rumored to be run in partnership with the team from a popular San Francisco bar.