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The Humble Pie Store Will Relocate by Early Next Year

The Humble Pie Store
The Humble Pie Store
Photo: Facebook

Just under two years have gone by since the Humble Pie Store set up shop on a quiet corner of the Baker neighborhood. In that time the bakery and cafe has gained a following for its sweet and savory offerings, so much so that a new—and larger—location is now being sought, and the current store at 300 Elati Street will have its last day on Sunday, September 21.

The search for a new space is underway, though the specific location is yet to be named; expect that announcement in the next few weeks. It won't be in the Baker neighborhood but will remain in Denver, with an anticipated early 2015 opening date.

Moving will enable an upgrade in size, allowing for more storage and serving space. In turn, Humble Pie will be able to offer a wider selection that's regularly in stock—think 10 to 15 sweet pies available at a time instead of the current five. The savory side of the menu will also see new ideas and expansion.

After September 21, the bakery will set up a mobile location by renting a food truck to still fulfill orders for the holidays. Ordering for Thanksgiving opens up on October 1, but the shop is setting a limit of 2,500 pies. Humble Pie's Facebook page will provide details and updates on the process.

And also coming soon will be an announcement for a wedding tasting venue, so the bakery can continue to be an option for weddings through the winter. Stay tuned for more details.

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