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Who Will Shine in the New Lumina Development?

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Lumina rendering courtesy of TreeHouse Development
Lumina rendering courtesy of TreeHouse Development

When longtime eatery Pagliacci's closed two years ago in LoHi, many bemoaned the demise of northwest Denver's Italian heritage and classic red-sauce eateries. At the time of the announcement, it was also revealed the property at the corner of West 33rd Avenue and Navajo Street would give way to new apartment development. Now that project, called Lumina, is under construction with retail space for a restaurant to fill. The question is: Who will shine in Pagliacci's former spot?

Tres Birds Workshop designed the building, which will house four floors of apartments—61 units in total—plus the ground floor retail space. Those offerings are set to include a wine and spirits shop, nail salon, and a restaurant, whose up-for-grabs space will enjoy a prominent location facing out to the intersection's southeast corner.

Unlike much of the new construction in the neighborhood that features a boxy, ultra-modern style, Lumina's look makes use of curves, patterned aluminum screens, and greenery for a Mediterranean flair. The design also serves to daylight the entire building, with LEDs supplementing for nighttime. Amenities include an atrium that the units are built around, a bike shop, fitness facility with twice-daily yoga, and a third-floor community deck. Lumina's targeted completion date is January 2015.

What type of restaurant would you like to see in the space? Leave your input in the comments.

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