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New Name For Existing Brewery: Platt Park Brewing Co.

Three month old Denver Pearl Brewing Company, a brewery located at 1875 S Pearl Street, changed its name. On Saturday, at a party that kicked off at noon, owner Colby Rankin announced the new name: Platt Park Brewing Company.

The change was made in light of possible lawsuits. The "Pearl" piece was possibly problematic as Pabst Brewing Co. produces Pearl and Pearl Light beer in Fort Worth, Texas. Pabst's attorneys allegedly threatened legal action. The "Denver" piece could have been the source of legal discord because of the Denver Beer Company. While no one actually sued anyone, Rankin chose to switch gears and focus on brewing instead of thinking about courtrooms.

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Platt Park Brewing Company [Photo: Facebook]

Platt Park Brewing Company

1875 S Pearl Street, Denver CO