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Udi's Gluten Free Parters With Pizza Hut On Dough

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On January 26, according to USA Today, Pizza Hut will begin to sell gluten-free pizzas at approximately 2,400 of its 6,300 locations nationwide. The large chain has partnered with Colorado-born Udi's Gluten Free Foods, apparently now the largest gluten-free company in the world, to create the pie that is not only celiac-friendly but also 1000 calories lighter than its gluten counterpart.

The Udi's gluten-free crust and all toppings and ingredients for these pizzas will be kept in a designated Gluten-Free Kit inside each restaurant. Each gluten-free pizza is to be baked fresh-to-order on parchment paper and delivered in a specially branded Udi's Gluten-Free Pizza box. The new item is a 10-inch pizza with six slices and it will retail for around $9.99.