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Good Things Come to Those Who Wait - The Early Word on Sarto’s

After opening in early November, food afficionados are going gaga over the gem that is Sarto’s.

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The Three Star Review: The Denver Post lauded the Italian eatery for everything from its decor to its cuisine. While some lapses in service were noted, three stars were awarded. Restaurant critic Bill Porter called the seared duck breast the star of the show. Paired alongside a confit duck leg, the sliced meat sits atop a pool of balsamic-infused fig sauce swimming with a trio of syrupy, roasted figs and onions. [DP]

The Trifecta News: A Yelp reviewer didn’t hesitate spilling out her happiness when she had an enjoyable time at Sarto’s. "My girlfriends and I spent Saturday night at Sarto's and couldn't stop raving about our experience. It's hard to find restaurants in Denver that are successful at the trifecta - Great food, service, and ambience." [Yelp]

The Interior News: There are plenty of detailed reviews about Sarto’s "look," but one Facebook reviewer explodes in awe. "Hmm, let's start with the space, um it's flat out amazing! An interior design dream, like floating on a cloud. Every detail has been thought about down to the wall fabric and tiles." [Facebook]

The From the Source News: With a restaurant that has everything from an array of Italian cuisine to a pantry where customers can purchase ready-to-go meals, owner and chef Brian Laird couldn’t wait to be a part of the Jefferson Park neighborhood. "This kind of cooking is my passion and what I've always wanted to do, and this space is the perfect place to see those dreams come to fruition." [Cafe Society]

The Name News: What better place to get restaurant inspiration than Italy? Co-owners Taylor Swallow and Kajsa Gotlin did just that. "On the last evening, while dining on cicchetti (the Italian version of small plates) and considering how a similar spot could work in Denver, the duo looked across the street and saw a "sarto" shop, which is Italian for "tailor." The name and the concept—a casual, cicchetti-style place bolstered by a structured Italian menu—stuck." [5280].

The Noise News: OpenTable reviewers wrote overwhelmingly positive food and ambiance reviews, accompanied by noise complaints. "Noise level was very high on Saturday night." One reviewer’s tip: sit in the back room. [OpenTable]

The Wait News: "This is the place to go to get a little taste of Italy in North Denver. Come for the ambience, stay for the food. You will not leave disappointed. Greatly anticipated, and worth the wait." [Urbanspoon]

The Gnocchi News: Foursquare reviewers’ tips on what to get will be sure to get any Denverite into Sarto’s. "Get the gnocchi!!! It destroys worlds. Before you take a bite, give one last prayer to whatever gods you believe in, then strap yourself down, and get ready for a mouth-gasm." [Foursquare]

The Cicchetti Bar News: TripAdvisor users gave excellent reviews across the board. One reviewer recommends sitting at the cicchetti bar, if you can get in. "On my second visit I took part in the Cicchetti menu. This is a bar where the chef chooses small plates for your enjoyment and prepares them right in front of you. This was both fun and a great dining experience. Chef Laird is really creative and skilled in the preparation of all of the dishes in the house." [TripAdvisor]


2900 West 25th Avenue, , CO 80211 (303) 455-1400 Visit Website