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Cake Shop Faces Legal Action For Refusing to Make Anti LGBT Cake

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Azucar Bakery owner Marjorie Silva refused to make a Bible-shaped cake complete with strong anti-gay wording and imagery.

Azucar Bakery
Azucar Bakery

Azucar Bakery found itself in hot waters over the message that was meant to go on a Bible-shaped cake, reported Out Front Colorado. The staff at the South Broadway spot refused to write "God hates homosexuality" and other anti-LGBT text and imagery on a cake that a man attempted to order.

The man came in and began ordering a cake. After he found an image of a Bible-shaped cake to his liking, he showed the bakery employees the message he wanted displayed on the cake, the gist of which is hateful toward the gay community. Uncomfortable with the incident, owner Marjorie Silva offered to make the Bible-shaped cake and sell to the customer a decorating bag so he can complete whatever message he wanted himself. He immediately threatened legal action and left. He returned twice and had to be "excused" by the owner's brother the last time.

The man filed a discrimination complaint Colorado's Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA). Silva received a letter from the agency and had to reply to it. This is her reply, in part:

I can ... tell you that the customer wanted us to draw two males holding hands ... with a big ‘X' on them. I told him that we do not like to discriminate in this bakery, we accept all humans and that the message and drawing is extremely rude.

Silva still needs to file a final letter with DORA. The agency will then make its decision within 30 days.

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