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Fruition Restaurant Will Close For a Makeover


Fruition, the acclaimed eight year old restaurant owned by chef Alex Seidel, will close its doors on January 28 to undergo a renovation. The makeover project of the space that previously housed Something Else and Claire de Lune will be helmed by local interior designer Jeffrey Elliott.

"For Fruition, I wanted to design a timeless and understated space in this historic neighborhood that felt like it had always been there", shared Elliott. Elliott's goal is to create a look that aligns with Seidel's philosophy of approachability and hospitality. The two aim for a dining room that is more comfortable and neighborhood-friendly, yet sophisticated like the dishes that the kitchen builds for each dinner service.

Fruition plans to reopen on Friday, February 6 on its eight year anniversary. The restaurant has invited the original guests who dined there on the very first night of service to experience the new look on reopening.