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Dae Gee's Kimchee Impresses; The BSide Knows Fried Chicken

Dae Gee offers Denver irresistible cabbage. The BSide takes retro to the next level.

The BSide
The BSide
Mile High Happy Hour

Dae Gee, the Korean restaurant that recently opened a second location, shows Denverites how Korean food should be served up. Westword describes a modern vibe in Dae Gee, with loud music playing and napkins printed with "PIG OUT!" Critic Gretchen Kurtz noted that the timing of dish delivery and presentation could have been a bit better, but the flavors were what made a great impression. The food is authentic and cooked just as if patrons were dining in Korea.  The tofu kimchee appetizer was Kurtz' favorite, stating: "When cabbage tastes this good, Kim is doing more than reaching the masses; he's making a case for why the English language needs a few more words for cabbage"

Uptown's The BSide gets brownie points from the Denver Post for serving up its comfort food on TV-dinner trays, and having a back room with Skee-Ball and pinball. The retro vibe only took critic William Porter so far. The presentation - food coming on plastic lunch trays - wasn't welcomed. Porter liked the meatloaf, but really lauded The BSide  for its fried chicken: "The skin was perfectly crisped, well-spiced and it crackled when you bit through it and into the well-grained, moist flesh. Bravo for that. It is already being touted as some of the best fried chicken in the city, and rightly so."

The Bside

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