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Local Bartenders Guild Honors Booze Shakers With Awards

The third annual industry party gathered upwards of 250 people last night at Session Kitchen.

Holiday hangover party at Session Kitchen
Holiday hangover party at Session Kitchen

Last night, the Colorado Bartenders Guild hosted the third annual Holiday Hangover at Session Kitchen. The industry party aimed at gathering and celebrating local bartenders attracted close to 250 people, likely the biggest number for one of these parties thus far.

The event also served as a fundraiser for Robbie Cunningham, assistant distiller at Golden Moon, who was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor late last year. The Guild estimated that it raised around $3,000 for Cunningham. Prizes, donated by distributor and supplier partners along with area restaurants and other businesses, were raffled throughout the evening with over $2,500 being sold in raffle tickets.

A highlight of the night was the awards, where bartenders were honored with titled such as Quietest Stir and the Most Awesome Shake Face. Here are the honorees.

Startender everyone wishes they knew - Allison Widdecombe
Biggest ______ Nerd - Kevin Burke - Everything
The Man Eater - Rae Raymond
The Lady Killer - Les Baker & Sam Johnson
The Bartenders' Bartender - Jason Patz
Most Meticulous Cocktail Crafter - Anyone at Green Russell
Quietest Stir - Stuart Jensen
Dirtiest Joke Teller - Anika Zappe
Best Facial Hair - Nick Touch, Chad Michael George and Jason Patz (May his beard Rest in Peace)
Best Tattoos - Anika Zappe
Best on-the-fly Original Cocktail Creator - Les Baker & Allison Widdecombe
Most Awesome Shake Face - Haylee Ortiz & Jason Patz
The Well Jockey - Brandon Meyer
Best Cheerleader - Allie Geppert & Anika Zappe
Biggest Beer Nerd - Ryan Conklin
Biggest Wine Geek - Mclain Hedges
New Kid on the Block - Rae Raymond
Best Mentor - Chad Michael George

Session Kitchen

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