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Master Sommelier Brett Zimmerman Laments The Lost Gem That Was Laudisio

The family that owned the restaurant that shuttered in 2012 still operates the Med in Boulder and a pizza cart at the Boulder Farmers Market.

Antonio Laudisio
Antonio Laudisio
Daily Camera

When we asked master sommelier and Boulder Wine Merchant owner Brett Zimmerman to talk about one restaurant he missed the most, he mentioned Laudisio, the Boulder staple that closed two and a half years ago. Here's what Zimmerman shared.

"I realize that there was a newer version of the Laudisio restaurant that went out of business just a few years ago, but I am mentioning the one that went out of business in the Willow Springs shopping center over ten years ago, the original Laudisio.

I was a waiter and sommelier there during my college years and beyond so I have a bit of a soft spot for the place, but it was one of the most soulful and delicious restaurants in its hay-day. The food was as good as Boulder had to offer with master chef, Raimondo Laudisio and his brother Antonio running the kitchen. Raimondo worked with the likes of Paul Bocuse, and the Troisgros brothers - additionally, he had a world acclaimed restaurant in Miami in the 1970's. Raimondo's was one of the finest spots in the country.

Raimondo moved to Boulder and started Laudisio as a traditional trattoria, but the recipes and menu items were made with unbelievable talent and love. This was more than just a trattoria. Raimondo was the last person I have seen bone an entire leg of veal for the sake of having scallopini, paillard, and to use the bones for stock. With classic training, the breads he baked, stocks he made, and the rolodex of recipes he had to create were mind blowing. He is still today one of the greatest culinary experts I have had the privilege to know. While I was a server there, I used to go in early before my shift to work with him and learn. This was the backbone of my culinary education.

What do I miss about the original Laudisio? The soul of the menu and classic Italian concept are very rarely duplicated, especially in Colorado. Laudisio restaurant had one of the best wine lists in Colorado and it was all Italian wine, they had a great menu filled with traditional Italian fare, and a collection of fun-loving, talented, wacky Italian guys running the place. It was classic.

I miss the personal touch of the service and having Antonio and the family dazzle guests on a nightly basis. Even thought the place was tucked into the corner of a strip mall, this place transported you to Italy for a few hours with the open kitchen, general atmosphere, wine program, and classic Italian dishes."