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Ramen Alert: Katsu Ramen Now Open in Aurora

The city welcomes the ramen restaurant, offering great service, food and atmosphere.

Katsu Ramen
Katsu Ramen
Lori Midson for Zagat

Katsu Ramen welcomed a large crowd into its doors, for the first time, on Monday. The new ramen restaurant comes out with a bang, Zagat reports:

By 3PM, the exhausted staff closed to catch their breath, reopening again at 4 PM to another round of ramen addicts jostling for a seat. By 6:30 PM, all the broth had been slurped dry, and the space went dark."

Owners Yumi Ogai and husband, Chang Lee, couldn't believe the hustle 'n bustle the opening brought - keeping all 50 seats in the restaurant filled throughout the day. The couple also owns Sushi Katzu, with locations in Aurora and Greenwood Village. Katsu is open Monday through Thursday 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.; Friday and Saturday till 10 p.m. and Sunday 4 to 9 p.m.

Chef Shinsuke Hirao runs Katsu's kitchen, with 18 years of extensive ramen experience in Osaka, Japan. Five varieties of the noodle-soup concoction are available for order. Variations include chicken, pork, miso, and even a chilled ramen - different from the traditionally hot soup. Each ramen bowl is a generous portion, under $10 and the service is speedy.

Each table receives complementary nira, simmered garlic chives studded with chiles, and fermented moyashi, mung sprouts with chiles. White vinegar, soy sauce and chile paste are available at each table for the diner to use at their discretion, as well as wooden chopsticks and ceramic soup spoons.

Ramen isn't the only food the restaurant is serving up - Japanese style fried chicken, gyoza, salad, curry, teriyaki chicken and rice bowls are also available. If patrons are feeling a little bit of everything, Katsu offers combination meals. Each combo comes with one ramen bowl, rice bowl and an order of pork gyoza, priced between $12.95 and $13.95.

Japanese pop culture mementos fill the space, as well as bamboo accents and ramen canvases on the walls. Japanese magazines, travel guides and books are available to patrons who enjoy a good read while slurping down on their ramen.

For the full menu and more information on Katsu Ramen, click here.