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The Now Defunct Strings Has Elizabeth Woessner Still Longing

And so does Mel's in Cherry Creek.

Strings, now Humboldt
Strings, now Humboldt

Elizabeth Wossner, food writer for Dining Out Magazine, shared her long lost and beloved restaurant thoughts.

I know it only closed two years ago, but Strings was open for 27 years and was a true Denver institution. Some of Denver's best chefs at one point manned the burners at Strings. Noel was a true restaurateur and a great humanitarian. No round up of Denver classics would be possible without it.

Also Mel's in Cherry Creek - a stepping stone for Tyler Wiard, Blair Taylor, Frank Bonanno, Goose Sorenson etc. Mel and Janie Masters were fixtures in the Denver dining scene and helped jump start the careers of so many and made the growth of this town's restaurant scene today possible.