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The Buzz Around the Retro-Cool Cooper Lounge

Begin or end a swanky night out at the Cooper Lounge, located inside Union Station. Yes, they serve drinks on fancy silver platters.

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The Cooper Lounge, located in Union Station
The Cooper Lounge, located in Union Station

The You Heard It Here First News: Eater reported on the Cooper Lounge when it opened this summer. Besides striking a balance between cozy and sophisticated, the views at the lounge are spectacular. Located on the mezzanine of Union Station, it provides the perfect people-watching spot. [EDEN]

The Speakeasy News: So the Cooper Lounge isn't a full on speakeasy, but it's been equated to one. Regular folks visiting Union Station won't just stumble upon this place. Those seeking out the lounge must talk to the "pretty lady in black sitting at a desk" on the southwest side of the Hall, says the Denver Post. Once you talk to her, someone will escort you to the lounge. Cool. [DP]

The Small But Mighty Menu News: The Cooper Lounge isn't a dinner destination. However, the snack menu is full of goodies. The lounge's basement neighbor, Stoic & Genuine, provides the oysters. [Zagat]

The Tech News: Forget paper menus; The Cooper Lounge uses iPads. [Yelp]

The Retro-Chic News: Looking for a luxurious cocktail bar experience that is reminiscent of the Golden Age of Hollywood? The Cooper Lounge is that place. It's also the place for either intimate conversation, or deal-closing discussions, says Dining Out. [Dining Out]

The Pretty Penny News: David 'Now Broke' M. was the first Yelper to post his thoughts. Despite an expensive bill, or as he worded it "how to be ultra cool for 1/2 hour and blow a Franklin," it was a wonderful experience. [Yelp]

The Treat Yourself News: 303 called the lounge, "hands down the most beautiful and elegant bar in Denver." That's quite a statement! The best way to enjoy the atmosphere is come for a drink after a swanky dinner. The unpretentious bartenders chat with patrons, and while the drinks are a little expensive, they are served on a platter, so that makes up for it, right? [303 Magazine]

The 5280 News: The magazine's recommendations include making a reservation, ordering small bites (lobster cocktails and oysters), and drinking the Coloradier cocktail with bourbon, bitters, and sweet vermouth. [5280]

The High-End News: Drinks are served on small silver platters, alongside a ramekin of treats. Looking for bottle service or an extensive wine list? The Cooper Lounge is right up your alley. [North Denver Tribune]

The Instagram-Worthy News: A simple #CooperLounge search yielded many Instagram results. The reasoning? The Cooper Lounge is just that pretty, and the view is just that amazing. [Websta]