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The Good Son Will Open in the Former Lowenstein Theater

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The space was previously occupied by Udi's Pizza Cafe & Bar, briefly renamed Silvi's Kitchen.

Former Bonfils Theater
Former Bonfils Theater
Tattered Cover

At the end of November, the U Baron Group closed Silvi's Kitchen, a casual restaurant that occupied the space located at 2550 East Colfax Avenue in the former Lowenstein Theater. The spot was previously named Udi's Pizza Cafe & Bar but changed its name last summer following a rebrand mandated by a multimillion dollar sale to Boulder Brands.

In March, the group will open a new concept in the space named the Good Son, Wood Oven Bar & Taphouse. A bar-focused restaurant, the new spot will feature 18 beer taps, a combination of local and non-local, as well as others available in bottles and in cans. There will be wine and retro-cocktails, classics that lean more on the sweet not savory side. Owner Etai Bar-On promises a killer Daiquiri.

The space at the Good Son will be centered around a wood-fired oven that will make lots of pizzas, as well as other items from vegetables to meats and breads cooked inside the oven. A highlight will be the wraps: Middle Eastern-style meats wrapped in  house-made lafa breads, a pocketless pita.

The interior will become darker to fit the new concept, the former ticket window for what was once the theater will be removed to open up the space, and theater-inspired art will be hung on the walls. The name comes from a previous name of the theater, Bonfils, which translates from French to Good Son.

The new restaurant will serve lunch and dinner seven days a week and will eventually add brunch to its lineup.