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Sugar Overload: The 4th Molecular Donut Shop Comes to Sunnyside Burger Bar

Expect four days of massive sugar overload.

Ian Kleinman
Ian Kleinman
Industry Denver

Chef Ian Kleinman of the Inventing Room will host his 4th molecular pop up donut shop at Sunnyside Burger Bar between January 22 and January 25. Donuts will be sold each morning from 6 to 10:30 a.m. and all will be $5. The selection includes creative combinations like the banana cream pie (the cream, brown sugar braised bananas, salted chocolate, frozen pie crumbs), the Pb&J (the cream, burnt peanut butter marshmallow, and grape jelly caviar), and the Boulder (Colorado honey mascarpone, spicy granola, strawberry frozen greek yogurt, candy mint and rose).

There is an exciting opportunity to have a donut you create featured as part of the festivities. Chef Kleinman is accepting submissions for interesting, creative donuts. Send yours his way before January 17. The best donut submission gets a dozen donuts and the right to name it. More information is available here.